Always in Season
 A Dance With Dad
 Three Cheers
 My Sister Bags Groceries
 A Heart for Knowing
 Wee Willie Harris
 Photographs of a Girl
 Bonnie and the Pontoon Sky
 The Script (Science and Faith Tour)
 My Conception
 A Picture of Disco Children
 Ron's Gone (Mommy Issues)
 Mountain Sleepers
 Cut Up Like Landscapes
 The Ladyboys of Thailand
 Half of Me
 Genetic Tribe of One
 Çingene (Encounter with a Gypsy)
 Photographs of Henri Cartier-Bresson
 Hoover, S.D.
 Five-Dollar Hotel
 Letter to Maeve
 Leaving Again (1977)
 Pioneering Illustrated
 Northeast of Eden
 My Mother
 The Richest Man in the World
 “Dit Names”
 Dressing the Dead

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Kristin FitzPatrick 
Antonio Aiello 
Nuria Sheehan 
Hayley Krischer 
Peter Tieryas & Angela Xu 
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Lisa Margonelli 
Laconia Koerner 
Elizabeth Pandolfi 
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Margaret Özemet 
Emma Stockman 
Anne Fiero 
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