Two Poems
 The Teacher from Edinburg, Texas
 Two Poems
 Two Poems
 Waiting for News
 Having Moved in...
 Two Poems
 The Lawn
 Cutting Through
 When to Plant Squash
 Snowed In
 When My Mother Dies...
 Just Before Love
 Two Poems
 Three Poems
 Two Poems
 But the Stone
 My Mother Is a Muslim
 My Father Grew Dahlias
 At Ease in the Borrowed World
 Two Poems
 Pink Horizon in Siberia
 I Know This Much At Least
 The Morning After
 Vienna, Baby
 Red Curtains
 Fluid Dynamics
 Little Girls in Pink
 Two Poems
 The White Shirts
 The Conservationist at Night
 City Song
 Sixty Moons of Saturn
 Sweetest in the Gale
 Easy Philosophy
 Two Poems
 Mother Playing as a Young Girl
 Two Poems
 Vermont Mermaids
 This Broken Heart
 Consulting the Tile Installer
  This is what it's like to fall out love
 Two Poems
 A Dangerous Man
 Zero at the Bone
 Jill Falls for Jack
 Lupus (for Katie)
 No Simple Explanation
 Not Today
 The Listeners
 Things Without Meaning
 College and Poetry
 Day in Shards
 48 Hours Before You Leave
 To My Landlord
 Back When
 Patriots' Day, Lexington, Massachusetts
 The Body Protects Itself, Doesn't It?
 February 2011, 13th Street
 Fish Tacos and Horchata
 from Manhattations
 Fishing for Monsters
 Steak Night at the Shack
 Two Poems
 Rules for Eating Out
 The Highway Behind Her
 What We Need
 Telling Time
 What to Name This
 He Is Struck by Lightning
 Never Better than This
 Winter Wren
 The Poet to Her Poem
 The Noon of Night
 Playing Catch
 The Teachers Are Loose
 The Collector of Souls (for Alice Neel)
 When a Sister Loses a Sister
 In the Kitchen on Zheltovskaya
 Nestle, Feed
 Three Versions of Leaving
 Who Keeps Weathervanes Anymore?
 Until the Piano Can No Longer...
 Before I Had an Automatic Dishwasher
 Electric Sign
 Hurricane Season
 Pearl Hunting
 Repeat as Needed
 The 19th Floor
 Two Poems
 Language Lesson
 In Our Very Cold Town
 I Know Now Why You Do It
 Building Fires
 Bad Honey
 Happy Hour
 Recycling in the Wind
 In the Hammock
 Chalk Mark
 Iceways on Gravel
 Brother's Dinner
 A Book I Can Put Down
 Postcards from Morocco
 On Writing a Cento
  Seven Poems
  Three Poems
  Forgotten Morning
  Bouzouki Player
  Borrowed, Your Cold Shoulder
  Two Poems
  While We're Talking about Books
  Winter 2001
  Are You Crying?
  Of Sky and Dad and Me
  VP of Banking Hears...
  Sharp Things
  Life Line
  First Day Farming
  Empty Table
  Two Poems
  Walking to the Deep End
  A Jerk in the Usual Way
  Two Poems
  In My House
  Two Poems
  Three Poems
  The Friends You Won't Outlive
  Looking at the Lights
  Two Poems
  College Visit in Autumn
  Five Poems
  Two Poems
  Fugitive Memory
  What Your Life Did...
  On Completing the Smallest Painting...
  Two Poems
  How Lovers Spoke
  Crow's Fault
  Two Poems
  Jones Beach Pool
  Four Poems
  Two Poems
  Three Poems
  Where We Hid
  In My Dream
  Bush International Airport
  Heat Wave
  Confidence Comes Easy
  Three Poems
  Six Recurring Dreams
  Three Poems
  Marshmallow, Toasting
  First Smoke
  Two Poems
  False Start
  The First Time I Tried to Leave Home
  Two Poems
  Three Poems
  Missed Call
  West Fourth Street
  Two Poems
  The Moment
  Why Older Women Use...
  Three Poems
  Five Poems
  Three Poems
  Two Poems
  Cut Flowers
  Seven Poems
  Five Poems
  That Final Time
  Mud Ball
  Address Book

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