Aziz D. Friedrich

At five years old, I had decided it already: I would be the richest man in the world. All I needed was a plan.

We had a no-shoes-on-in-the-house policy at our place, so one night, when my parents were having a large number of guests over for a dinner party, I snuck over to the shoe rack and removed one shoe from each pair. I made several trips from the shoe rack to my bedroom, each time hugging an assortment of footwear. In my room I arranged the individual shoes in rows facing the door.

When it was time for the guests to leave, I invited them upstairs to my makeshift shoe store. Everyone bought a shoe....

Aziz Friedrich is an Anderbo Contributing Editor. He is a graduate of The Fieldston School in Riverdale, New York, and of New York University's Gallatin School where he studied "Writing the Fragment" and "The Letter as Literature" with Professor Victoria Blythe; he also studied there with the writer Ed Park. Aziz is working on a novel. He is also a Contributing Editor of Open City Magazine & Books, which is based in lower Manhattan.

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