Tuesday Night Figure Drawing...
 The Goddess Bowling Green
 Beginning Again With zer0
 Six Quarters
 Izzi Accepts a Bagel from Her Mother
 Alabamer Pianers
 After the Floods
 The Wrong Heaven
 Something About Ireland
 Marv's 11 Steps
 Yoga, He Thought
 Linus Pauling, Linus Pauling
 A Lot of Things to Tell You
 Road Hunting
 Do You Listen to the Radio?
 How James Franco Became My...
 Welcome to the Hamptons!
 Bad Little Boyfriends
 Chasing Adonis
 The House
 Here Is David, The Greatest...
 Me. You. Love.
 Everyone Does Integral Calculus
 June, July and August
 The Night that Gail Left Early
 "I Have Cancer! I Have Cancer!"
 On 3rd
 The Common Cuckoo
 Helen Says
 The Same Girl I Had Always Been
 Hammerin' Hank
 The Right Passengers
 You Chew
 The Rules of Urban Living
 Born Here
 Don't Drag Me into This
 These Are for Me
 Counting Crows
 Dead of Winter
 A Short Story about Nova Scotia

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