Jessica Wiseman Lawrence

The fog was translucent white. It was painted out

and was brushed on carelessly across my morning drive.

Before the familiar curves of the road, there would be

silhouettes of three deer tripping over the road and the bank on dry leaves.

There would be green ferns peeking through the dry leaves.

Every morning could have been the last morning,

and every plan could have stretched on and changed.

My plans could have changed.

Jessica Wiseman Lawrence

We write lives glued on paper.

We write on one another, and rub erasers.

across skin, while

tearing out pages and tossing them aside.

We make lists:

—things to do, done

—self-improvement, improved

—money to spend, spent

So we write on one another, and rub our hands

against the glue that keeps us

on the paper we’ve chosen

until we’ve torn ourselves out and tossed the rest aside.

Jessica Wiseman Lawrence s a graduate of Longwood University. You can find her recent work published or upcoming in UNTUCKED, The Lake, Semaphore,the "Where I Live" series by Silver Birch Press, and Third Wednesday, among many others. She lives in rural central Virginia, where she is an office manager by day.

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