Yuki Jackson

My mother said

she considers her cancer

like it's catching a cold

She declared her radiation treatment

is like strengthening

tire rubber for the road

I laughed and said

Cancer has made you

into a cyborg!

Yuki Jackson

Button­-down shirt

each round disc sewn

being held by a hole

Formal attire

worn to show

we’re put together

Underneath tank top

wife-beater with

pit stains yellow.

Yuki Jackson is a poet, writer and 3rd generation Buddhist practitioner. She fights for world peace together with the SGI-USA Buddhist organization. She is currently pursuing entrance into a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program and also wants to teach writing in correctional facilities. Her cultural heritage as a biracial African-American/Japanese provides her with a unique perspective, which she utilizes in her work to help people deepen their understanding of the relationship between seemingly disparate phenomena.

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