Lauren Jacqueline Roberts

Their marriage like our family garden

froze in the winter, rotted through spring; and in summer,

after long negligence, Mother panicked, William!

and her dresses grew sweat-stained

and wilted; William, do you think

itís too late in the season; and Dad tore his newspaper down its stem like a leaf

because the betted-on horse was out with an injury;

and the dryer whistled and mourned; and the flowers nodded,

yes; and a red fox threw up on our fertilized lawn,

crawled beneath the front porch, wearing a halo of flies,

chemicals burning its throat.

Lauren Jacqueline Roberts is a senior year undergraduate student of Dramatic Literature and Creative Writing at New York University. She serves as the Managing Editor of NYU's literary journal West 10th. She writes poetry and is currently working on an honors thesis that analyzes the role of politics in contemporary apocalypse narratives.

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