Suzannah Windsor

Uncle George camps

next door

not really

an uncle at all.

A neighbour with pop

and chips and sips

of Canadian or Blue in

sweating brown


when Mother

isn’t watching.

Bonfires at dusk

tobacco, flies

mosquitoes and

citronella. Card games

and dirty jokes

while Mother sleeps

under fly netting.

The moon rises over the water

and keeps rising

it keeps going

Up up up

while we warm wet hands

by the light of the fire

and our hands catch fire and

we burn down to the sand.

Uncle George says we’re welcome.

Welcome any old time

he says.

Suzannah Windsor is a Canadian writer, and editor of . Her work has appeared in Sou'wester, Grist, Saw Palm, Best of The Sand Hill Review, and others. She lives in Australia with her husband and four children.

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