Sam Thomas

She was very, very sick

and he worried she would be sick

for a long time. She asked him

to handcuff her to a drainpipe.

She said, I am in trouble, I have been pushed

to the ground. And when they made love

it felt like having dinner with homeless people.

He watched her watch herself

disappearing. She had been made especially

for him. He looked at old pictures of her

and wondered how did that child come to be like

this. One night he went for a long

walk alone. Holy shit, he thought

when he noticed her delicate colors in the sky.

Sam Thomas lives on Long Island, NY where he works as a security guard and tries to be a good man. He writes late at night."Sixty Moons of Saturn" is dedicated to Professor Andy Stallings and the students in his spring 2012 Advanced Poetry class at Tulane University in New Orleans.

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