Peter Cole Friedman

as soon as you get pubes

you値l start reading Marx

then ideally some Plato

some Descartes or Kant

which sound like aperitifs

then you値l talk

to other people who read

this stuff

you値l talk about life

and other big subjects

but mostly about this stuff

and you値l recognize the names

of the scholars in the field

and you値l start citing things

they致e said about the stuff

and they will alight as they do

on your dandelion brain

like fat birds and one day you will

bend and bend so much

that you値l almost forget the world

has a sun which feeds you

even with your mouth closed

Peter Cole Friedman writes poetry in New York. He recently graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Religious Studies, but also has a keen interest in everything else. He strums a guitar and writes songs. Some of his other poems can be found at Right Hand Pointing and Defenestration. His blog of illustrated witticisms is at

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