Conyer Clayton

We came home

late, caught

a spider in a cocktail glass

and watched him;

free, fearless

among giants, at home

on a stranger’s walls.

Conyer Clayton

I. In a bathrobe

Sweet potato sitting soggy

in a doggy bag next to you

and a leftover oyster

roll, brought in snow

from spite, despite my

pushing away away no

I said no I’m busy

you’re relentless you know?

II. Untied

And then you brought a cream

and pesto pizza in your workplace

box from across slickened

streets, so thoughtfully.

Moments after I pushed him

Out, I begged you to stay.

III. With Room

I sleep alone on purpose,

with regret.

IV. And Less

We’re all so weak.

Conyer Clayton is a poet and competitive gymnastics coach from Louisville, Kentucky. She is currently receiving her MA in English from the University of Louisville.

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