Beebe Barksdale-Bruner

Itís hard to explain to the tile man.

I want a Fragonard Floor with pink buxom angels,

a feminine Sistine ceiling I can step onto

after a steaming bath. I want it surrounded by

the summer sunset I saw last night with a blue cloudscape

of Chagallís free form sky. Oh, my, the possibilities!

Lay me a salt rhymed shore, a place of lyric transport

beside an ocean of word combinations, pieces I pick up

from a long walk; tumbled color glass, whorled shells, seaweed sestinas

a single crab carapace so perfectly shaped and layered

like a Mark Doty poem.

Beebe Barksdale-Bruner has always been interested in the visual as well as the literary arts. Her poetry book, It Comes To Me Loosely Woven, was published by Press 53 in 2007: "I worked on the book visually, contributing my design for the typeface for the cover." Her poems, paintings and photography have been published in journals and anthologies with awards from Southern Womenís Review, Eclectica, Mad Hatters' Review, Still in the Stream and others. In January of this year, her poem "Spring" (from a photo prompt) was published in the book Open to Interpretation: Waterís Edge. Recently she has been using her own photography as prompts for poems. Beebe has a BFA in painting and an MFA in poetry from Queens University, Charlotte, North Carolina. Her website for photography is

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