April Krassner

Even with no knowledge of French,

I can tell this concept is not going

to be easily understood. Do not

under any circumstances tell me

to be quiet—not with this itch

inside my ear. It might be voices

or the beginning of a waterfall.

There are so many things to be

afraid of and not good enough

reason to let it all be. How much

trouble is it possible to get into?

How much money is it possible

to spend? All for nothing, an education

down the tubes and the opposite of good

is to live high on the hog throwing

caution to the winds, sighing into a future,

the future of good byes and good nights

when a blanket shreds in your hands

after fourteen years of use and your

thumb useless, embarrassingly unable

to soothe the ever present presence of doubt.

April Krassner is a poet and essayist living in the New York area. She teaches writing at New York University to adult students who are seeking their undergraduate degrees. She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College quite a long time ago. Her work has appeared in Iconoclast, Poet Lore and Zing.

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