Luisa Muradyan

Hello Constantine,

Not the Great Roman Emperor

in love with Christ

but the little Russian boy

who sits on a stool in his father's

shoe repair shop

watching his fingers turn

to leather reaching for his eyebrows

and finding long laces to wrap

around his small ankles

his quiet hands.

A soldier walks on Constantine

to Budapest, as the soul of Constantine

becomes thinner and thinner,

until he can feel the snow

through his chest.

Or so that's how I imagine it.

Handing a plum to little Constantine

sitting on a stool in his fathers shoe shop,

begging me silently for more plums.

Luisa Muradyan is originally from the Ukraine and is currently an MFA candidate at Texas State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in A-Minor and Neon Literary Magazine. She is also an editor for the Front Porch Journal.

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