RaeAnn Kime Yinger

Iíd like to see what you were like before

I want the you from this picture

the you

unlined, uncreased

skin white

from staying indoors

I want the you from twenty years before

And I donít want you at all

not when you come with chariots and horses

not when I will knock your door down

and youíve nothing but

a cold dark on a room

a limp dick and insults

drooling before you conquered me

telling me over satellite waves

I donít want you

and ordering French fries at the same time

no job and no sanity

do you want to go out

lets go for a bike ride around the corner right now

you said and

read to me poetry

told of a college far away

with prestige and beauty

eroded to poverty and ugliness bye

and bye

RaeAnn Kime Yinger's poetry has appeared in Softblow, The Pittsburgh Quarterly online, JMWW, and The Aurora Review, among others. She lives in Southern California, and is the author of the blog, "Unblossoming".

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