Nina Buck

funny. just as quickly as you can fall out of love,

you can fall back in again.


you got a hankerin, lady?

he asks.

one hand on the wheel.

elbow restin on the window. casual as breezes.

i cock my chin like i was

a storybook. like i was tom sawyer

but a girl

all guts and good looks,

like as if i could get away with anythin just by grinnin.

sure, i says.

fish tacos and horchata.

sittin on the beach with bottles of beer,

like as if green glass could make it

summer again

like as if we had all the time in the world.

Nina Buck is an actress and writer. She lives in Honolulu, most of the time. Her poetry has appeared in Bear Creek Haiku, A handful of stones, bottle rockets, and Spooky Boyfriend, among others.

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