Patricia Dreyfus

As the autumn sun

sank low on the left

side of the gravel road

Dad drove her twenty miles

to St. Aloysius Hospital.

The sisters said

they were sorry

the doctor was out

on a distant farm.

You have to wait for him.

The harvest moon rose high in

a somber sky bringing

compelling pains,

fierce, insistent.

It’s time, she said.

Two nurses held her legs,

pushed them flat to the bed.

No. Wait, they muttered

to her, to me.

Shh, they hissed.


they commanded,

as she writhed

in agony.

At the noon of night

I struggled to be free,

fought to breathe, to live,

to let my voice be heard.

Dad told me, it was a

beautiful October morning.

He shot a pheasant

on the way home.

Patricia Dreyfus is an award-winning poet and writer. She is too old to be eulogized as “so young and so gifted.” She was raised in Compton, California. Her story “Tiger”, for which she received the Solas Prize, is published in The Best Travel Writing of 2009. She has poems and a story in “She Writes Anthology.” Patricia is a member of The Writing Well based in Corona del Mar, California and is a member of PEN and the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. She has traveled the world but speaks very poor Spanish. She is married to her first and favorite husband, Gary.

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