Erik Bloch

They wait until

halfway through

second period,

gathering silently

in the halls, then

rushing the exit,

chaining the doors

behind them,

their classrooms

still quiet

beneath the spell

of running VCRs,

abandoned slide-shows.

They spill

into the street,

produce bottles

and ice chests,

peel off


light cigarettes,

make bandannas

of neckties,


like stoned tourists,

and hot-wire

the best cars

in the student lot,

speeding out

toward the post road.


as the bonfire

gnaws through the last

stack of tests,

those too sober

to sleep in the sand

probe the beach

for abandoned cups,

or stand amidst

the huddled drunks

with pointers

fashioned from driftwood,

and voices

ground to a whisper,

tracing Venn diagrams

against the sinking sun.

Erik Bloch has published in fits and starts in such small press journals as The Ledge, Aethlon, and Snow Monkey. He is also co-editor and contributor to the annual anthology Ballerz: Poems About the NBA, published by University of Wynwood Press. He teaches high school English in Connecticut, where he lives with his lovely wife and house-trained iguana.

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