David Mait

When teenage boys go to sleepaway camps every summer

they arrive with big hearts and nervous apprehension—

do they throw their duffels to the ground

and go straight to the basketball court


do they pause

and have earnest conversations:

How was your year?

How is your mother?

What are you passionate about lately?


broken down later in life in cars with their wives on superhighway shoulders,

glorious desert vistas in their ice-caked windshields,

frozen stiff by the whiskey winds,

they are rocked,

frayed forever.

David Mait currently lives in Brooklyn, after a few years working and living abroad in Brussels, Zambia and Southern France. David had written poems since an early age but experienced a creative renewal when he audited an MFA poetry workshop while completing his Masters in International Relations at Syracuse University. In fact, he found himself focusing more on poetry than statecraft that semester. Over time, he has found a healthy balance of both. David has a beautiful two-year-old niece named Harper, who also lives in Brooklyn.

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