Lynn Riemer

I know, now, why you do it.

Flip open your phone,

that is,

at the exact moment

I am opening

my newspaper.

When I am taking

five minutes with my coffee

to learn about what is

happening in the world.


I learn about

what is happening in

your world.

Your dog, your progressive

dinner plans on Saturday,

your discontent with your clients

and your business partners.

About who will bring the wine,

and how you are impatient

with the fact that no one

is returning your calls today.

And so, I read and listen,

read and listen;

because you are a foot from

my ear and because I have learned

to compartmentalize.

And because some day

I, too, may talk aloud

in a crowded space

to prove I am alive

as the sound of my voice

enters as many ears

as possible.

And you may be there.

Lynn Riemer, 47, lives with her husband in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, and has worked for twenty years as a writer and corporate communications professional. She recently joined the Shoreline Cluster Poets in Madison, CT. Riemer has a BA in English from Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, and is the 2009 winner of the Acton Library poetry contest, Old Saybrook, (adult age division).

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