Antonia Clark

I’m halfway through

and I’ve gotten used

to the way it wants

to be read. This writer

wants to spoon it up,

wants to watch me

swallow it. This writer

makes a point of good

deeds, clean living,

god and country,

when what I want

is sin and shame,

the rusty metal edge

of cruelty, varieties

of pain, his mother

still crying years later,

just like mine. I want

a writer who’s given up

on the moral of the story,

one who’ll hand me

a knife and sit back

to see what I do with it.

Antonia Clark is a medical writer in Burlington, Vermont. A former creative writing instructor, she co-administers an online poetry forum, The Waters. Her poems have appeared in The 2River View, Mannequin Envy, The Pedestal, Stirring, Rattle, and elsewhere. She loves French food and wine, and plays French café music on a sparkly purple accordion.

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