(after Through the Looking Glass)
Diya Chaudhuri

There was a dead silence putting her mouth

close to an angry voice. It was very dry lips

curling up into a smile. Try again:

the best way to explain it

is to do it.

I should like to listen down chimneys

as large gentle eyes draw

a long breath.

That won’t do.

Every poem was a cloud of dust.

We can talk with delight about fishes

in some way. That might help a little. I should like to be

any shape, to be dignified, you know.

Little heaps of men remember

who you are, have sharper eyes

than most. Think again:

it gets easier further on.

There are two meanings packed

into a very tiny earthquake.

It would have to be very clever at explaining words.

The fishes explained, with a grin,

what sort of people live

about here.

Diya Chaudhuri received her BA from Emory University, and is currently enrolled in the MFA program at the University of Florida, where she pretends to know things.

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