Kathleen Kraft

In the mini screen, the ware, the pod, the e-very thin

things, we click. Send and receive, caress in 8 point.

Text me, donít text me. No plan. Call me, no, no land. No

line between us. We connect through the space that breaks,

unpausesóWhat? No, you go first. We touched. Encoded

and pulsingótrolls of the personalized play, hands-free in

the flowless waves. Check. Did-you-check. I canít Open. Mini-

mize unopened attachments. Get higher in the definition, be half-mute-love

moving the bar. I-canít-hear-you. Youíre-on-the-what? Iím

home, which could be anywhere. Iím around the corner. Oh, there

you are. Hang on, Iím shutting. Flipped. Topped. Everythingís cheap now, we sing

to ourselves. Hum, tap, chat it alone. Load me up. Things have never been things,

things are better between us, so let me know when

youíre free.

Kathleen Kraft received her MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming on Anderbo, Pirene's Fountain, Willows Wept Review, The Prose Poem Project, Foundling Review, and Mason's Road. She lives in Jersey City, NJ, where she teaches creative movement.

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