Joyce Nower

It was the crow’s fault.

It flew in at midnight,

its shadow the shadow

of cloud, tree and post.

But not of moon. The moon

was a cracked egg in the sky.

Throughout the night it dozed.

Then, as the thin milk of dawn

coated the earth, it stirred, its caw

a repeated whisk,

a repeated swirl of moon

into sun. Bright. Brighter. Brightest.

It poured sun on the griddle

of streets. Day puffed up,

a soufflé, a baked blend

with bits of house, walk, and hedge

folded into the rising mix

until it set, brown at the edges.

Joyce Nower has coordinated arts festivals, poetry readings and workshops at many venues, and was a co-founder of the Women's Studies Program at San Diego State University (1970). During June of 1999, she gave lectures on contemporary American poetry at various universities in the People's Republic of China -- her third book of poetry, published by Avranches Press, is called The Qin Warriors and Other Poems (2003). Her poetry and prose has or is scheduled to appear in Miller's Pond, Feile-Feste, Visions-International, Avatar Review, California Quarterly, Eden Waters Press, Poemeleon, and The National Poetry Review. Currently she writes a column of poetry criticism called "Intersections" for the online magazine The Alsop Review.

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