Lauren Shapiro

I'm sorry I'm late meeting you

at the boardwalk restaurant,

but the water was so clear and cool,

and I had a whole lane to myself,

and a lounge chair right by the steps

so I only had to shiver for a second

and then there were towels, summer tea,

and sun streaming in through closed eyes,

but actually that's not what made me late—

it was that today

the outdoor showers had hot water

and brand new curtains

and no boys had climbed up the barrier wall

and, for once,

I had remembered


Lauren Shapiro is a dance accompanist at Dance Theatre of Harlem and at Columbia University. She has a B.A. from Queens College,and a B.Mus. from Manhattan School of Music. Previous notable publications include "Tempo Primo" in "I Thought My Father Was God NPR's National Story Project" 2001 and numerous articles on dance music.

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