Kit Frick

On the breaking day,

the trees outside my window

begin shaking

their branches. Everything

is restless. This morning,

on the radio: scientists

have witnessed a supernova.

Summer has settled in, heavy,

sweaty, ripening beneath

layers of past summers.

He had perfect teeth.

July yawned

irrefutably before us.

Red carpet rolled, horns

blared. This was heaven,

or close. Don‘t believe

what they tell you:

a young heart

does not break;

it deflates—like a balloon.

Kit Frick was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her work has been previously published in or is forthcoming from 42opus, The Furnace Review, Boxcar Poetry Review, Sarah Lawrence Review, and The Looking Glass. Kit received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College where she was the 2004 recipient of the Lori Hertzberg Prize for Creativity and was one of four student organizers for the first annual Sarah Lawrence College Poetry Festival. She will be receiving her MA in Higher Education from New York University in September 2008.

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