Jennifer Turrell

A step away

from parents.

The step that takes

the parents away.

Lessons I've learned

from having step-parents:

1. I cannot depend

on parents to defend me.

2. I will always come second.

Or third.

Or seventh.

3. I cannot expect anyone to love me

just because they should.

4. I should take the abuse

and bite my tongue. (I've

almost grown used to

this taste of blood.)

Jennifer Turrell

My feet are rebelling.

Mainly the toes.

Particularly the nails—

turning the wrong way,

thickening strangely.

Grandmother toenails,

old age chasing after me,

clutching at my heels.

Jennifer Turrell currently lives off-the-grid with her English underground-indiepop-star-turned-cowboy husband Stewart Anderson, brand new baby girl Tallulah and dog Wheezy on a ranch outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. For the past 10 years Jennifer and Stewart have played in numerous international indie bands and have run their independent record labels 555 Recordings and Red Square Recordings, releasing their own and others’ records while touring the globe on a shoestring budget. Jennifer's written work has appeared in The Midway Journal, Main Channel Voices, The Red Tree, Verve and Tesseract.

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