Jill Neziri

The thick night hangs low.

We lie beneath heavy atmosphere,

pressed against the cool of bare tiles.

Swollen raindrops slap the roof,

smother your whispers

before they reach me.

You shape daisies with your tongue,

shower my body with plucked petals.

I till rigid rows—

only on paper

does my garden flourish.

For the dark moments

when I am draped in silence, here

I give you roses.

Jill Neziri is a graduate student at Fordham University in the English program. Her poetry has appeared in Premiere Generation Ink, and in Illuminations, as well as in the anthology, From the Heart of Brooklyn, a collection of poetry, short stories and drama. She is the co-editor of the second edition of From the Heart of Brooklyn, which is available through In addition to writing, her interests include sailing, and power lifting—she is a three-time ADAU national champion power lifter.

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