Norris Perlman

My father took me for a ride at night

in a great smooth open boat. And

there were apples taped to its cupboard

and I asked him if the one which was

partially eaten was good and he said

Oh yes, very good.

So cautiously I untaped it and looking at it

I took a bite. And it was good,

good and green. As we came near the

point I asked of him and he told me

he cried often at this time of night—how

he lay back and the sky opened up to him

and he cried into the sky. All this time

I had been watching the moon-full,

moon-bright sky shining with dark clouds illumined;

light at night. And sky was wonderful

and sky was calm and alone he dad cried.

I said

That's beautiful

and meant his telling me was close and

warm, and I reached and pulled him to

me, love sweet simple, a child. And though

I always knew him sad, I understood him most

clearly this time and I knew he felt good.

Norris Perlman has lived in Connecticut.

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