Natasha Stagg

1. I visited my best friend Chris in Berlin a few years ago.

2. We went straight from the the airport to Mauerpark, where the wall used to be.

3. Chris bought some tape.

4. Nynne and I helped Tomas move glass for a project.

5. From there we went to Chris's apartment in Mitte.

6. (He has since moved.)

7. We shopped.

8. And looked around.

9. We walked in a park.

10. And went to an art gallery.

11. You can drink anywhere.

12. I don't speak German.

13. We went to the KW.

14. What was inside was even better.

15. Next we went to a tall apartment building downtown.

16. And looked out the window.

Natasha Stagg is a graduate student and a Fiction and English Comp teacher at the University of Arizona; a graduate of the University of Michigan; the Editor at Large of the Sonora Review; a former intern for Dzanc Books; and. many more things. Her work has been published/awarded by Glimmer Train, Vice, Slow Trains, Thieves Jargon, Spork, FictionDaily, The Hopwood Awards, Current, and other places.

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