Kristene Brown

Swaddled in a nest of pink

little flesh-bud faces flush

against the skin of motherís

instinct, bundled in the

lull of milk-sleep, soft sink

into rose-patch cheek

the color of passivity

everywhere, little girls in

tulip-shaped dresses and

roll-back baby eyes, the

fuss and frill of pastel

lace, a tiny hand grip

surprise, who would

ever guess the strength

of that shade, the layers

within the hue, in each

hospital nursery room

the baby-cry of spring

bloom, bouquets of pink

flowers for each pink

bundle, uprooted, plucked

and placed into a ribbon-

tied vase, fisting against

the air, rising tall and strong

as they do every year.

Kristene Brown is an MFA student at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has previously been published, or has work forthcoming, in Folly, Forge, Swink, Westward Quarterly, and many others. She is also a psychiatric social worker for the state of Kansas.

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