Melanie Graham

I’ve picked out the photo I want them to use if I’m abducted

by some wacked fuck in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

I’m wearing my Love Boat dress: the brown, shimmery

Bubble mini laughing, shaking it on the dance floor.

My hair is disco, though my roots are coming in. I feel sure somewhere,

some bitch watching the evening news will notice and criticize over her foie gras

or scrambled egg sandwich. Even though I will probably be lying in a ditch somewhere,

eyes and legs wide open, snow beginning to hide the crime I will have become.

A file some detective will set his coffee on for the next ten years.

But hopefully, someone will stop chewing and put down their fork long enough to say,

Doesn’t she look happy? What a pretty girl. You know,

she kind of looks like Audrey Hepburn. They should really try to find her.

Melanie Graham is currently completing her final year of Ph.D. at the University of Lancaster, UK, working on a creative dissertation concerning women and violence. Her work most recently appeared in The Harvard Summer Review, The Southern Quarterly, sweet: a literary confection, and Redactions. "Picture" is dedicated with admiration and gratitude to author and retired FBI agent Roy Hazelwood.

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