Christina Kapp

Under fingernails

and among hair follicles,

between teeth that

are not brushed.

Toes and fingers full

of germs, happily

meeting one another,

coffeepot conversing with pasta bowl,

pillows cuddling socks.

All together now.

Shed yourself,

grow yourself,

show yourself,

be yourself.

Be the dirt you are

in the yard,

in the bar,

in the car with the dusty, oily, fingertipped

words on the back.

I wish my husband was as dirty as

this car.

Roll down hillsides.

Have sex.

Have sex while rolling down hillsides.

Spread germs.

Spread love.

Be dirty.

Christina Kapp has published her short fiction, poetry, and essays in numerous publications including Barn Owl Review, Gargoyle, DOGZPLOT, Pindeldyboz, Eclectic Flash, and apt. She has a M.A. in writing from Johns Hopkins University and is a masterís student in English literature at Rutgers University. She leads the Franklin Chapter of the New Jersey Writers Society and is currently working on her first novel.

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