David Marell

On my knees

in the wet spring soil

I plant


They are eaten by


Next spring I will plant

radishes again.

David Marell

Deep pink jellyfish

propel themselves

to where? I guess

they know. Sirens,

they sting like acid

or just float by.

David Marell

Yesterday, I turned the sauna off but

it went back on and

I could not turn it off,

it would not stop.

Luckily, the door wasn’t locked from the outside,

so I was able to get out of there.

before I was steamed like a corned beef.

Then, while I was brushing my teeth,

you reached over to kiss me

and bumped my elbow.

That easily could have sent the whirling electric toothbrush

right down my throat, but,

fortunately, nothing happened, and

I didn’t mention it.

David Marell

During the total eclipse

you turned on the light over the sink.

You said, I don’t have time for this.

David Marell

First of all, it was on sale!

And it came with a rebate!

Then the fifteen-percent-off coupon

that I found in the paper,

which is taken off after the sale price!

And I got a “floor model”—but

it was brand new,

I saw him take it out of the box!

So that was an additional ten percent off

I really wasn’t supposed to get!

The salesman was so nice!

He must have really liked me!

He said this was the last one and that was it for this sale!

I was really lucky!

That’s what I call a bargain!

I hope you like it!

David Marell is an artist, community activist, and (still) a tree hugger. His most recent book, Be Generous: 101 Meditations & Suggestions to Get You Through the Day (and Night), is published by Conari Press. (Buy it, give it away.) He lives and writes in New York State's Hudson Valley.

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